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14th International Workshop on

Combustion and Propulsion


Micro and Nano-Sized Advanced Energetic Materials for Propulsion and Energetic Applications


28 - 31 July 2024

italy (1).png

Sala Tosti and Sala Pazienza,

Aurum, Largo Gardone Riviera,

65126 Pescara, PE, Italy.


Guided Tour of Abruzzo

1 - 3 August 2024


Welcome to the 14th International Workshop on Combustion and Propulsion (IWCP), a premier event bringing together the brightest minds in the fields of combustion and propulsion technology. Set in the picturesque city of Pescara in the vibrant Abruzzo region of Italy, this workshop promises an enriching blend of knowledge, innovation, and collaboration.

The IWCP focuses on the latest advancements and future trends in combustion and propulsion systems, as well as other energetics-based systems. It aims to address the crucial challenges and opportunities in these dynamic fields. This workshop serves as a platform for researchers, scientists, engineers, and industry professionals to:

Welcome Note

Share Cutting-edge Research: Present and discuss the latest developments, innovations, and research findings in combustion and propulsion technologies.

Network and Collaborate: Foster collaboration and networking opportunities among global experts, creating avenues for future joint ventures and research collaborations.

Explore New Challenges: Identify and deliberate on emerging challenges, environmental impacts, and sustainability aspects in the sector.

Interact in Planned Sessions: Participate in keynote speeches, panel discussions, technical sessions, and poster presentations, all designed to stimulate learning and creative thinking.

Whether you are an expert in the field, a budding researcher, or a passionate industry professional, the IWCP offers a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge, share your work, and connect with a global community. Join us in Pescara to be a part of this stimulating discussion on the future of combustion and propulsion technology.

About IWCP

14th International Workshop on Combustion and Propulsion

The International Workshop on Combustion and Propulsion (IWCP) was initiated in 1990 by the SPLab of Politecnico di Milano to bridge East and West bloc researchers in combustion and rocket propulsion. Italy's strategic location aided this global scientific dialogue. IWCP emphasizes open technical discussions, favoring in-depth conversations over formal presentations. Its format includes Plenary Lectures by prominent speakers and encourages interactive audience participation. Attendance is limited to invitees with notable expertise or innovative perspectives, ensuring quality discussions. Costs are minimized to facilitate broader participation and social interaction, with a focus on disseminating findings internationally.

The inaugural IWCP in 1990, held in Milan, addressed "Transient combustion and stability of solid propellants," marking a pioneering meeting between US and Russian scientists in solid rocket propulsion. The outcomes of these workshops are compiled into reports for sponsors and have continually advanced the global understanding of energetic material combustion and rocket propulsion. The 14th IWCP aims to include major stakeholders in rocket propulsion, maintaining the series' legacy.

This workshop explores innovative nEMs and µEMs ingredients as well as formulations. It provides a comprehensive survey of advanced technology on preparation, characterization, combustion, and performance in potential applications for propellants, pyrotechnics and explosives. It summarizes the most recent achievements of leading research groups active in the international scene.

IWCP Nozzel
About IWCP


Meet the esteemed leaders and experts guiding our workshop. Explore the full list of our Workshop Committees and their distinguished members.

Image by NASA
Welcome Party

Sun - 28 July

Welcome Party

29 - 31 July Technical Program

The Workshop program will include 45 Oral Presentations spread over 3 days from 29 -31 July 2024 and

a very large Poster Session of 39+ Presentations concentrated on the afternoon of Tue-30 July 2024.

Mon - 29 July

Plenary Lecture:

Smart Energetic Materials



RuiQi Shen, Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NJUST), China


Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Novel Energetic Materials


Chaired By

Ruth M. Doherty, Energetics Technology Center (ETC), USA

Panel of Experts:

Victor Abrukov,

Chuvash State University,



Zois Boukouvalas,

American University,


Prof. Raphaël Terreux.png

Raphaël Terreux,

University Claude Bernard Lyon 1,



Zulkhair Mansurov,
Kazakh National University,

Schedule - Day 1

Tue - 30 July

Plenary Lecture:

Combustion of Metals for Power Generation on Earth and Beyond



Evgeny Shafirovich, The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), USA


Metal Combustion for Propulsion and Energetic Applications

Orange (1).png

Chaired By

Volker Weiser, ICT, Germany

Panel of Experts:
Helmut Ciezki

Helmut Ciezki,




Edward Dreizin,

New Jersey Institute of Technology,



Alexander B. Vorozhtsov,

Tomsk State University,


A Poster Session:

Scheduled for Tue - 30 July, will complement the oral presentations.

Wed - 31 July

Plenary Lecture:

Impact Sensitivity of Cyclic Nitramines



Svatopluk Zeman, Pardubice University, Czech Rep.


Insensitive Energetic Materials


Chaired By

Qi-Long Yan, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU), China

Panel of Experts:

Michael Gozin,

Tel Aviv University,



Thomas M. Klapötke,

Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU),



Steven F. Son,

Purdue University,


Schedule - Day 2
Schedule - Day 3
Image by Iván Díaz

Call for Abstracts and Poster

We are inviting researchers, academics, and professionals to submit abstracts for presentation at the 14th International Workshop on Combustion and Propulsion (IWCP). This is a unique opportunity to share your insights, research findings, and innovations with a diverse audience in the area of Micro- and Nano-Sized Advanced Energetic Materials for Propulsion and Energetic Applications.

Submission Guidelines for Abstract:

Format: Abstracts should be written in English and adhere to the following guidelines:

Maximum length: 1 Page

Font: Times New Roman, 12-point size

Structure: Include Background, Objective, Methods, Results, and Conclusion (if applicable).

Guidelines for Poster:

Size: Each poster should fit within an area of 1 m x 1.5 m

All accepted posters will be displayed during the workshop


How to Submit:

Please email your abstract as word document to and

with the subject line: 14-IWCP Abstract Submission - [Author Name]

Important Dates:

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 01 May 2024

  • Notification of Acceptance: 15 May 2024



Only accepted abstracts will be eligible for presentation. All abstracts of either oral or poster presentations will be collected in a Book of Abstracts to be distributed at the opening of the workshop.

We look forward to receiving your innovative contributions and fostering insightful discussions at 14th International Workshop on Combustion and Propulsion (IWCP).

Explore the Beauty of Abruzzo

Exclusive Guided Tour for Workshop Attendees

01 – 03 August 2024

Pescara, overview from the Pescara River with Maiella and Gran Sasso in the background
The coast of “Trabocchi” on the Adriatic Sea
Gran Sasso d’Italia (2912 m), Campo Imperatore
Lago di Scanno, a romantic heart-shaped lake at 922 m.
Caves of Stiffe (Grotte di Stiffe, Parco Regionale del Sirente).
Pescara, Lido Aurora

Exclusive local tours in Pescara for companions and guided tours of Abruzzo for all registered participants.

We are thrilled to offer exclusive local and guided tours of the stunning Abruzzo region, home to our Workshop location in Pescara, Italy. The local tours in and around Pescara for companions are planned 28-31 July. The guided tours including special excursions to an Adriatic Trabocco, Caves of Stiffe, and National Parks are planned 01 to 03 August and promise a blend of breathtaking scenery, rich cultural experiences, and unforgettable memories.


Travel Visa Application:

By Train

The train from Rome takes about four hours but it is a spectacular route through the mountains, through towns such as Avezzano and Sulmona. Get off at Pescara Centrale (Pescara Central Railway Station).


By Plane

Abruzzo Airport (PSR IATA) (less than 10 minutes from the city stop near Hotel Plaza).

By Car

You can drive to Pescara from Rome Ciampino Airport (only low-cost flights) in about 1½ hours and Rome Fiumicino Airport (most international flights) in about 3½ hours. The drive is relatively free of traffic through the mountains, the view is excellent and there are lots of tunnels and bridges to cross.

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